VEMERS UC, led by professor Luciano Chiang, is a mechanical emergency ventilator, quick to manufacture, cost-effective, and safe. The objective of this ongoing project is to develop and produce 100 units of a mechanical ventilator with sufficient functionality to be used in the most serious cases of respiratory problems where the patient is not able to breathe on his own and must be intubated and connected to the mechanical ventilator. Vemers receives air and oxygen at high pressure, circulates through a pneumatic circuit formed by a gas mixer, pressure regulating valves, flow regulating valves and directional solenoid valves, operating in the volume control mode. In addition, it has digital sensors for pressure, differential pressure, flow, and O2 concentration. VEMERS UC has already successfully passed preclinical and clinical patient testing. Today it is financed both by CORFO and by the private fund of SOFOFA Hub, for its manufacture and distribution nationwide.

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